L’Oréal revealed AI-powered cosmetics device

  • Angelina Andreeva
  • 24.11.2019
  • 93
L’Oréal revealed AI-powered cosmetics device

We love to follow our clients‘ innovations, so we couldn‘t stay aside of L‘Oreal Perso beauty tech device. French brand unveiled a smart gadget on the CES 2020 tech show in Las Vegas, that „reads“ personal skin needs and creates unique skincare.

How the magic works:
  • First one has to scan a face with an app by making a few selfies. AI will analyze overall skin condition and problem zones.
  • Perso will also take into consideration the time of a day, season and a geolocation to add more sunscreen in the morning, or active components at night and the moisturizing when the climate is dry.
  • Customer may also assist a device, entering personal skincare concerns, adjusting the preferred texture and hydration-level.
  • After all, Perso will mix the ingredient, dispense a perfect amount of your most ever personalized creme.

L‘Oreal also plans to use Perso technology for launch of color-matching lipsticks and perfect tone skin foundation. Seems like thousands of consultants in beauty shops will have to take career guidance in the nearest future.

Angelina Andreeva

Angelina Andreeva

Volta One Creative Manager