I fairly ate-earned it: how much food ASMR youtuber earn

  • Angelina Andreeva
  • 16.06.2020
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I fairly ate-earned it: how much food ASMR youtuber earn

Mokpan - eating food on camera by bloggers is a powerful trend in South Korea. Some bloggers do this silently, while others record their chewing ASMR on an ultra-sensitive microphone. And by doing this they earn considerable sums of money. The brand of natural chewing gums CHEWSY conducted a study and brought us the following data:


As you can see, Zach Choi, the author of Zach Choi ASMRpretty channel, “chews” pretty well for a month - almost twice as much as his closest competitor. It is worth adding that the final figure represents the amount from sponsorship injections, video revenue and merchandise sales


But not even that is curious. CHEWSY interviewed 1,208 respondents-viewers of Mokpans to find out how they feel about ASMR food videos:

  • 35% of respondents would like to shoot ASMR videos themselves
  • 45% were embarrassed to talk about their addictions to such ASMR videos, and 39% spoke openly about love to mokpan
  • 42% admitted that mokpan disgusts them, but they continue to watch it
  • in 22% watching mokpan of wakes up an appetite
  • 11% feel happy 🙂

We think food ASMR can become an interesting feature of an advertising campaign for the European market, for example, to promote a brand of food products, restaurant, dental or even pharmaceuticals that improve metabolism.

Angelina Andreeva

Angelina Andreeva

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