Life After Likes

  • Angelina Andreeva
  • 20.01.2020
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Life After Likes

Since April Instagram has started to hide the number of likes in several countries, and then, in November, throughout the world. The external, official point was to make a social network more friendly, encourage focusing on content, not a number of hearts. But the key point is to make the platform safe for the mental state of users, in other words, that the number of likes wouldn't provoke anybody to suicide.

A Ghost Of a „Black Mirror„

Significant mission, isn‘t it? A series of “Nosedive” from the “Black Mirror” made the new head of Instagram Adam Mossery think about the assessments, people give each other in real life. Just like ratings in the series, likes in Instagram have become a measure of recognition and popularity.

Secret project “Daisy”

By the way, hiding likes is just the first step of so-called Daisy Project. Rumor has it, developers consider several options for the likes counter reincarnation, by showing numbers in 100+ or 1000+ likes format.

What we think about that

We asked Volta One team, friends and acquaintances about how they cope without likes, and how do they see the future of the entire SMM universe.

‚I think, in new circumstances brands will search for more creative content-makers, and not just accounts with a big number of followers. Business will strive for micro-influencers who interact much closer with their audience. Communication will benefit evaluation. Stories will be invested more than posts.‘

‚I hope that the new interface will contribute to the development of critical thinking and the ability to analyze what is seen, but not to take everything on faith.‘
‚Comments will become new likes, a new main metric. Even a couple of words or an emoji under the post will be worth its weight in gold.‘
‚I really enjoy this anti-Like process. The feed has become more comfortable and pleasant. Thousands of other people‘s likes don‘t hang over me. And those who mind, go check TikTok - that‘s where you should be.‘

Since we‘ve mentioned, come check Volta One Instagram. No one will, actually, see your like, except us, but it will definitely warm our digital heart <3

Angelina Andreeva

Angelina Andreeva

Volta One Creative Manager