Perspective creative: what content to invest now

  • Angelina Andreeva
  • 16.06.2020
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Perspective creative: what content to invest now

Panic will shortly control the entire information field: our inner protective “blindness” will not perceive publications without the “coronavirus”, “crisis” or “telework” mark. A little later, the audience will adapt to a new way of life and will hunger for quality content. The demand for humanity, emotions, benefits will increase, requirements for the quality of the form will decrease. The one who will be sensitive to changes and will be able to quickly implement the ideas in demand will win.


Instagram masks

Games with augmented reality in stories is the fastest and most affordable way to entertain yourself in self-isolation. Fun + creativity + self-presentation elements in total represent an ideal tool that brands can give their users. While customers cannot communicate with your product offline or use it in everyday life, you can get closer with the help of AR filters: entertaining, supporting, reminding about your product, implementing your brand in their lives natively.

In addition to the effect of emotional rapprochement with the user, you will receive followers for your profile on Instagram, because to use the masks you need to sign up for an account. This is an amazing opportunity to stand out from the competitors and get an impressive reach.
Prices for the production of masks start at $200, timelines for developing - from 2 days plus the time for publication and approval by the social network.



The audience got time for long-term contact: for long reads, full-length clips instead of prerolls, for podcasts instead of advertising jingles, and for brands it’s the time to produce. Podcasts are the most intimate communication channel: it is a “voice in the head”, because 90% of users listen to podcasts alone. Moreover, this is the most undeveloped channel: the Ukrainian podcast market is still in its infancy, so there is no competition on it. Great opportunity to be the first to occupy a niche!

In the future, podcasts will become one of the key methods for building your own community and increasing brand expertise. People are tired of traditional advertising, and podcasts are an opportunity to create high-quality and interesting content for their audience and build long-term relationships with it.
Prices and production timelines vary depending on the idea and format of the podcast, the availability of invited experts and presenters.



After each severe crisis, society rethinks a new experience, and this reflection translates into a real surge of art. Think about how your brand can give tributes to what you experienced together.
This can be a photo project of everyday quarantine with your product, a video about the conclusions obtained in self-isolation, or a comic about rational consumption, forced to take in conditions of shortage and change life. Involve local artists in the creation of the content - this will help artists to feel in demand in a difficult period.

Prices and terms for the creation of art content are also difficult to determine and directly depend on the idea and form.

These are only three ideas for your brand that will help you stand out against competitors. Each of them is a resource information guide that can be used for communication with the consumer. Yes, they are not about immediate benefits and not about direct conversion to sales. They are about your values, openness to the new, support and care for the audience, understanding that the new world needs something more than an aggressive call to action.

New experience makes us different, changes behavior and request, and therefore old approaches cease to work. Do not wait, become part of the changes: use the new formats!

Angelina Andreeva

Angelina Andreeva

Volta One Creative Manager