Branding and launch of a new beauty product in Europe and UAE

The task

We were approached by a British cosmetics company UK Swiss Group with the task of developing a brand and identity for their new product. We faced three key challenges in the case:

  • An unusual form of product release: a make-up foundation for the whole body in the form of a spray
  • Market – the launch of the product was planned initially in the Middle East, and subsequently in Europe
  • The main requirement of the project was the uniqueness of the name and domain in target markets and among international beauty brands

Immersion in the world of TA

Our R&D department plunged onto the routine of young Arab women to identify cultural and marketing trends. The study showed that they, like all millennials, are looking for the Instagrammable image, are guided by influencers, but have a thing for demonstrating wealth, and are especially fond of perfumes.

Meet LUXERIZER – the modern 'precious' naming

This brand is a tribute to the woman who knows what she wants. And she wants it immediately. Introducing the first product that makes the skin of the whole body 'luxurious'. This spray gives a silky 'expensive' look quickly and effortlessly.

The neologism Luxerizer conveys the idea of a brand as a premium and functional product. This name is easy to remember, it is striking and evokes clear associations. Luxerizer is a multi-functional name that will work for the brand's other beauty products in the future.


It took us a long time to develop a logo that could highlight the revolutionary nature of the product, playing in contrast with a bold, eye-catching packaging style. As a result, we settled on the typographic style of the logo. This allowed us to escape overload of the identity while still making the logo recognizable and well readable.


We analyzed over 30 non-standard positioning products already introduced on the target markets. We found that their identities are usually based on pastel colors and "gentle" forms. We immediately made a decision to conquer a different emotional range of the consumer and create a sense of drive and dynamics on "calm and restrained" shelves.

We've added shades of purple to the main range with a reference to oriental roots. In support of the basic color, we have added a soft grassy green to accentuate natural beauty. As a "luxury" element, we suggested playing with variations of chrome, which breaks out of the packaging composition and becomes a "magnetic" identity element.


Since the form of release of the product is spray (and this is one of the most "boring" form factors in packaging), we set ourselves the goal of making the product drive attention on any shelf. We analyzed dozens of packages available on the market and eventually came up with the method of combining chrome with paint. This is how the "chrome dripping effect" was born.


For the premium and emotional product Luxerizer, we wanted to create something more than just a regular promo page. We wanted to emphasise its uniqueness and demonstrate the product from all sides. That is why we created a frame-by-frame 3D animation of the product that interacts with user scroll. As a result, we turned information into a compelling interactive storytelling that engages visitors and motivates them to scroll the entire page.

Next steps

UK Swiss Group begins distribution in Egypt and the UAE and plans to adapt the product for the European market.

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