QR health solutions

Cell therapy clinic launch on local and international markets

QR health solutions is a leading healthcare service provider in the field of ultra-modern medicinal treatment and medical tourism. Based on the capacities of Hemafund cryobank, the clinic offers customers around the globe advanced cell-therapy treatment.

Our task

Initially, we were asked to develop a website for the clinic to attract customers from GCC countries, but in the process of negotiation we concluded that website production is just one of the stages of the necessary solution for clinic's tasks.

The overall scope of work we performed included:

  • Market research
  • Positioning
  • Communication strategy
  • Key messages and creatives production
  • Website production
  • Promo campaign and launch
  • Support


The audience of medical services is usually segmented by age and social features. We concidered to add segmentation on social roles, so that the clinic communication would be closer to the consumer and its current and future needs. Thus, we defined the segments of local and international audience, that allowed us to highlight separate key messages for parents, adults with elderly, athletes, etc.

Communication strategy

To better understand the needs of target audience – we needed to conduct research involving target market insiders and create a communication strategy. The importance of clear and targeted communications in the marketing strategy of any company is hard to overestimate. Main questions we were able to answer: What, For whom, HowWhen to offer.

We analyzed the markets of three Arab countries with the highest purchasing power, consumer preferences of the target audience, cultural and ethnical restrictions. All this helped us to come up with clear statements and reach specific audience segments with targeted messages.


Research within the framework of a communication strategy dictated the structure and content of the site. We wanted to develop a fresh visual style that would be perceived positively both in Europe and in the Arab countries. The warm tones of the photos paired with orange gradients create a warm feeling and make browsing the site more enjoyable. It was important to create the maximum level of comfort for the visitor, since ordering medical services is associated with a certain level of stress.

Since our markets were both Europe, Ukraine and Arab countries, we had to take into account specific approaches in the design, connected with the adaptation of content for three types of writing: Latin, Cyrillic and Arabic. The latter has a fundamentally different construction system and direction, so we created a symmetrical design that can be easily switched from left to right.

We have designed 9 unique pages, providing pass-through access between sections. Cases section has become the main instrument in attracting new clients. For them, we've created a landing page template easy to share and easy to promote.

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