Дайджест Діпфейків: 3 класних новини про технологію

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  • 18.05.2020
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Дайджест Діпфейків: 3 класних новини про технологію

Deepfake (“deep learning” + “fake”) is the newest, sticky and frightening video format in which the faces and facial expressions of some people are “transplanted” to other people.

Generating adversarial neural networks (GANs) are used to create deepfakes, where one part of the algorithm learns from hundreds of real photos and videos of a certain person and creates an image, literally „competing„ with the second part of the algorithm, until it starts to confuse the copy with the origin.

A recent study found that 96% of deepfakes on the web are porno videos. Today we will share three less explicit but no less applied findings.

  1. Arnie and Will Smith in „Witcher„

    After some started to spit on ‚Superman‚ Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, YouTube channel The Fake Report showed two alternative series trailers with young Arnold Schwarzenegger and Will Smith.

    We expect the possibility to buy „skins„ of heroes in TV shows and movies on streaming services for additional fee in the nearest future.

  2. Messi and Will Smith again, but instead of your face now

    Pinscreen app founder Hao Lee first “transplantes” Messi's and then Will Smith‘s appearance on his face. In an interview with CNBC, he mentioned that in six months or so everyone will be able to create ultra-realistic deepfake 

  3. Deepfakes go further: now you can move like Jagger

    NVIDIA has developed a system that uses one video and one photo so that a person on photo would imitate the video moves. It is hot with the thought of what can be done with this technology and a grain of imagination.

  4. Bonus: CatDog from the same NVIDIA

    Turn your dog into a cat with the GANimal app. Upload a picture of the animal on a special page, select the face on the photo and click Translate. Enjoy!

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